I got into coaching because of you...humans...us. I have been around people in many novel ways...tracking turtles with sciency-people, assisting rescues with decisive people, leading treks with exhausted people, and playing dominoes with complete-stranger-people.

As a professional expedition leader for 12 years, I have spent many months exploring unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people. I am curious about how we think, how we interact, and how we change. Is there a better way to understand the human character than sharing the joy of a summit view or the strain of tired feet?

Having a space for sincere and open thinking with an attentive listener is a valuable and powerful thing. This is coaching at its core - a skill which helps us better understand ourselves and each other. We are all better people when we have the chance to listen and feel listened-to.

Aside from expeditions, I have felt failure & success in the classroom of secondary schools, enjoyed the camaraderie of a 9-5 office, and lived the dream patrolling the Peak District National Park as a Ranger. Being outside and active is important to me, as well as trying to prove to my wife that I can cook.