"I started coaching with Rob after redundancy led to several months of unemployment, making me feel frustrated & demotivated. The coaching process has helped me rediscover my interview strengths and I have since had some very positive interview calls as a result.

The impact of having Rob as a coach has had a profound effect, previously I found it difficult to consolidate my thoughts and create a clear end goal. Admittedly I was a little apprehensive at first but Rob really does put you at ease with his style of coaching which is relaxed but with focus.

It is very much two way, allowing me to talk and sometimes come to my own conclusions whilst Rob provided guidance on exploring specific aspects which I would have normally skated over. Rob also has an uncanny knack of being able to summarising my thoughts succinctly in a way that there is a next step, whether it be my job or outside of work activities.

I cannot recommend Rob highly enough as a coach and I look forward to working with him again in the future."


"Today, with so much ‘noise’, I was finding it difficult to focus on my goals. I wanted to do everything and was frustrated at myself for overthinking things. What I’ve learned from my sessions with Rob is to find a goal I am passionate about. After re-setting my initial goal, I felt energised and look forward to working on it further. 

Rob is a calm and enthusiastic coach, who I can be open with, he offered a range of thinking styles/ activities to help me find my focus, which I really appreciated. I would recommend coaching sessions with Rob as a good thinking environment, to cut through the noise and apply focus and drive where it matters most."


"I decided to start coaching with Rob because I felt very unsure of what should be my next professional step, after my PhD. I was aware of my options but was looking for guidance on how to choose between them and be confident with my choice.

The process surprised me from the start, as in our first session I realised that making a decision about my career involved other areas of my life as well - my personal characteristics, values and general life goals, and Rob was very supportive of my need to change the original scope of our sessions.

During the whole coaching process Rob provided excellent guidance and kept us focused on the important issues at hand. Rob is very empathetic and I felt relaxed talking to him. He could understand my struggles and helped me disentangle my thoughts in a way that enabled me to look for my own answers. His knowledge and experience with coaching were fundamental in this process, as he suggested various exercises and techniques that helped immensely when I felt stuck at certain points.

As a result of working with Rob and reflecting on my own trajectory, I opened up other professional possibilities that I had not considered before, and gained knowledge about myself and factors I should consider when making future choices.

I highly recommend Rob as a coach. He is very professional and will help you gain new insights, challenge yourself and self-reflect, supporting you to achieve your goals."